Here’s what reviewers have been saying about The Pavilion:


Tobias Carroll for Vol. 1 Brooklyn says

“This play is cognizant of its own boundaries, and efficiently blends comedy, philosophical speculation, agency, and pathos into a compelling whole”

“Both Davis and Adamo convey their characters well, the former with a lived-in discomfort that contrasts with his good looks and friendly demeanor, the latter with the ability to maintain an impassive facade, then let it down at a moment’s notice. Credit should also go be given to Ross for channeling numerous former classmates of the two, some of whom have opted for decidedly eccentric belief systems”

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Shoshana Roberts for calls our production a

“wonderfully funny yet introspective revival”

“Ross embraces each part with a playful vigor, and keeps the evening moving”
“At this reunion Wright and Kostroff provide us with an inspection of time and relationships past. It might be just the show to help you relax as you bring in the hectic family season”

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