Director’s Note

Michael Kostroff Headshot

Craig Wright’s The Pavilion is a small play with vast ideas. I think that’s what I love best about it. While it boldly tackles big themes like time, regret, and second chances, it approaches those themes with a magnetically appealing charm, intimacy and wit. Peter and Kari (our two principal characters) could be any of us, and that’s the point. Who hasn’t wished he could have done something differently? Who hasn’t passionately wished for a do-over? Who hasn’t mentally replayed a conversation—with corrections—on the subway ride home? That’s the story of Kari and Peter.
But what’s unique to The Pavilion is that it looks at this little story from the perspective of the whole universe. It’s simultaneously a telescope and a microscope. And we’re going to be achieving this dual vision through some pretty fascinating state-of-the-art theatre technology. So, that what sounds like a simple little story of lost love becomes a trip to space and back. It’s a journey we’re all looking forward to taking. We hope you’ll join us!
—Michael Kostroff, director

Michael Kostroff (director) is a TV and stage actor, best known for his five years as unscrupulous gang attorney Maury Levy on HBO’s legendary hit series, The Wire, and from his frequent guest starring TV appearances, including those on The Blacklist, The Good Wife, Elementary, Louie, Damages, Bluebloods and many more. His much humbler directing resume has most recently included Laughter on the 23rd Floor for Flat Rock Playhouse and local readings of Black Snow, Bach at Leipzig, and The Great American Backstage Musical. Kostroff is the author of the book Letters from Backstage and the creator of the “Audition Psych 101” workshop. He’s currently filming “The Wizard of Lies,” for HBO.